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Unlike black/white fundamentalists, we tend to think in grays...thus the center of the logo is gray. This gray circle is where we are alike: belief in Christ, non-literal interpretation of The Bible, honest less than perfect (or human) faith feelings and thoughts and our traditions of rational openminded thinking and approach to God.
If we emphasize this gray area of commonalities, we can really bond and accept denominational differences without letting them alienate us from eachother.

Lets unite online and offline, share and grow. Liberal Christians welcome new ideas, possibilities, ways of thinking and learning how God reaches others. That is YOU and ME!We are the same person.
Through comments, emails and ideas and submissions for the site, we no longer have to feel isolated. You look in the mirror and all of us look back. We can unite as fundamentalists have and do, taking our faith and faith community seriously as we grow as friends and religiously liberal Christians.

Asking Your Advice- I think everyone can relate

Do u live with someone who is annoying?  You just wish they would shut up or stop that irritating habit that u told them about over and over?

Do u have a hard time with someone you live with or maybe in an apartment who doesn’t mean to get on your nerves but just does?  Does that person snore, tamper with your mail, live like a slob, slam doors, wake too early and is inconsiderate, eat your food, or maybe asks u to do a bunch of petty stuff for them as if they are entitled to favors then blame u for being mean when u say no to one of them?

YOU tell ME how to have patience, understanding and tolerance with this stuff.  I know u r disappointed I have no answer after reading all this, but this is not my strength.  I pray for patience with this kind of stuff, but its the little stuff that is hard to ignore.  I don’t think I am unusual in this regard but some people are blessed with patience.  I hope u write me about how to ignore the small stuff (including traffic of course). THANKS!

obvious stuff I almost didn’t add to the blog

Periodically, I stop my routine to figure out what I want to do in life or if I am on the right track and all that stuff.  If you do that, u obviously ask yourself questions like “what’s God’s will for my life?” and “what messages or indications or feedback (ways to tell what God is saying) am I missing?” 

I read a book that might help you.  I won’t bore u with details but a major idea is that God gives us free will to choose what to do, then guides or helps us if we are doing it His way and not out of ego.  To me, as to you maybe I am guessing God is saying “just pick something and do it!”

I haven’t added to this blog in a while because I believe new entries would be redundant since I seem to be thinking about the same stuff I already wrote about and don’t want to bore anyone who is nice enough to read my blog.  So I am sorry if I am wasting your time here.

However, my advice to you and to myself (dumb huh?) is to find your priorities, try to understand the clues to what u r good at and like doing and what u have to give, then structure a schedule and start.

Hardly insightful but maybe just a reminder to take time out.

High School Reunions

I didn’t attend my reunions.  I am not looking too bad but am not successful, while I hear many in my class have been  BUT the reason I don’t want to attend is the psychology of judging yourself or being judged by a group of people who have frozen you in their mind as whatever u were judged to be back then.  Yes, u could change that picture but the truth is that they don’t really care about you anyway, rather about themselves in relation to you.

I feel I have changed for the better.  I find looking at myself through their eyes, which would be hard to not do, is like living from the outside in, and giving them power over your self-assessment in a way.  

YES, a quick-fix counselor would tell me to “get over it,” but we live in a world of comparisons, low esteem, jealousy, lots of pettiness and in a world where we want to pretend or believe these facebook people are our friends.  People post on fb to get reactions from the others reading it.  This is NOT a reflection of me (as some of u would say), rather a report of human nature… I see it.  

I read about the people from high school online, and saw pictures they posted and went to their fb pages.  I want the information without the hassle of attending and standing there wondering who is who, pretending I was close friends with these strangers and tuning into that bad part of me that would emerge if I saw someone I didn’t like looking good, or someone who “had it all,” doing poorly.  To update my thoughts on that..its bad mojo and I don’t need the karma.

What do you think about attending your reunion?

Passion Motivations

If u could find your “passion,” you might have more energy and be doing what you are here to do.  I have read that many people wait to get some sign from God in the way of an opportunity, feedback from others or a strong feeling they should do something.  

Recently, I read that the way you find your passion is by trying things and see how you feel.  You might feel “this really fits,” or a sense you should be doing it or in that environment.  

I also read that there are things God wants each person to do..BUT recently read that God helps people do things once THEY pick the direction (obviously not bad  So if this is true, God lets us determine through our free will, then helps us.

To my way of thinking whatever it is should be done for the right reasons, and not out of ego.  I mean if I felt I want to go into  acting, and did it to get women, or for people to tell me how wonderful I am, that would probably be something God would not bless.  However, if my motivations were simply to use my gift to entertain others…

The interesting thing is do many of us have pure motives?  Being how humans (including Christians) are in this world, how probable is it that we will be motivated by things God would approve of?  For instance, on a personal level, do we want to help the world or gratify our own desires that might be personal pleasure or ego?

Could we start with the wrong motivations because they get us moving, then switch to the God-oriented ones later?  Do we end up doing what some do and live the sinful life and find it doesn’t satisfy THEN use our gifts the right way?  The problem is we don’t have an excuse since we are Christians who know better.  

Somehow we have to dig deep, pray for character beyond that of mortal man and bite the bullet, hoping we will change so when God rewards us, we like the reward, which will leave our sinful or the side of us not oriented to God (carnal side) unsatisfied.  We know we made the right decision.  Man, I hope that would satisfy us

This is You ..and me

So you think you are wasting your life?  You wonder why you have to go to that stupid job tomorrow.  You wonder if your jerk boss will ever get a clue. You know why that guy/woman got promoted and it all has to do with sucking up.  You wonder how people can be so incompetent knowing you could do better in that job.  The political correctness at work is driving you nuts and you wonder when someone will finally talk normally, say something, and tell the truth.  

How long will it be till you find another job?  You hate the interview process and know its either predetermined or they are not really hiring anyone.  Who are you fooling..u won’t do anything cuz ur too lazy and you know it.  You are too tired when you get home, and who likes to think of work on your day off?  

Its easier to do what I do.  Ignore God till you go to bed, then mumble something about wanting a new job.  Oh, u do that already?  Sorry to bother you.

Your Religiously Liberal Christian Home

Your Religiously Liberal Christian Home

Rock Music and Christian Lyrics

Did u ever listen to AC/DC or Arrow Smith or Doobie Brothers or my favorite Kid Rock?

Now, have you ever listened to Christian Rock?

I hope you know what I am about to say.  While I am a Christian, the idea of Christian Rock, while clever I suppose, just doesn’t fit together.  Our conditioning has caused us to associate rock music with the things you have heard in popular secular songs.   When I heard Christian rock, I wondered, and STILL wonder how can the lyrics be “bad enough” for me to get into the songs without being distracted by the “good”  or “heavenly” lyrics.  

Rock music and Christian lyrics I have heard seem mutually exclusive and don’t work because they can;t compliment eachother.   BUT if it works for you, I am happy you miss my point!!

Mentally Leave Your Job WHILE working

When you are at work, concentrating and locked into your deadline or a jerk you have to deal with (being honest), or maybe just stressed, TRY to think outside the cubicle and the four walls.  Your boss doesn’t want you to think of the outside world…so do it! This job is important but not life/death that they are making you kill yourself over.

Think of important things like people who are struggling for survival in Africa (or here), people who are hanging onto life in a hospice or hospital, people you know or read about who are dealing with personal issues like divorce or a legal problem.  Think about people who don’t have it as good as you, even if you think your life sucks.

I am not trying to depress you!  I just want you to get back to your center.  Don’t allow the job to control your freedom of thought!  Think of colorful rainbows, relax with images of fall leaves, and think of your dog or pet and how much you love them.  The site of hot air balloons going up or a lake could relax you as u take a deep breath and breath the boss away.   Think of birds, and the way people express the human spirit through art, music and even in sports.  

We don’t define ourselves through our jobs, but by the term Christian.   God is our reason and He says we are much more than our feelings or our job!  Life is much bigger than your job..too bad for the people who get tunnel vision.

Remember too that God says we are worthy of respect!  We are as worthy as the boss is!!  We are not equals on the job but we need to always demand respect as equal human beings..the kind of respect that is worth getting fired over if u get fired demanding it.  I do this personally in my peon job.  I don’t accept treatment (I notice) that contradicts the worth we get from God, because that would dishonor God and let the world decide my worth. 

When we are stressed at work, remember the self help mantra that we came to believe God can restore us to sanity..if we take the time to stop working, relax, step out of what we are doing for the moment and get realigned with TRUE REALITY..not the one within those walls.

now stop daydreaming and get back to reality according to your paycheck before you get fired.  Be sure to return later.

Mainline Christian churches don’t seem serious

I just looked at some statistics from a site called  As a mainline Christian, I was disappointed that so few United Methodists, Pres USA and the more liberal denominations don’t have habits that imply The Bible and the Truth they claim to believe, makes a difference.  Many don’t pray daily or read the Bible outside of church.

I have posted before that I find it impossible to find mainline or non-literal non-fundamentalists who take the Bible seriously to the point where it makes a daily impact.  Baptists I have known lean on God by memorizing scripture, they read The Bible to counteract the world, and have faith building habits and Bible studies during the week.

Am I missing a denomination I should look into?

Variety in Christianity

When a Christian moves, you sometimes hear the cliche that their new place is Heaven.  Then, of course, you call people and tell them the person had died.  When you discover they are still alive, and call these people back (some are disappointed), you cheer them up by telling them the guy who moved, discovered the location of Heaven!

So you ask someone where he moved to.  You are told he moved to a fundamentalist area.  You think..outloud so I can use quotes, “this guy must be taking God more seriously.”  Someone hears you say that and tells you that you have a misconception that only fundamentalist churches and people take God seriously.  

We take God seriously, but it differs with the person (I believe).  I continue to search for a liberal Christian church or denomination that walks the find line between serious about growing and being more as God wants us to be, yet is not ultra conservative or overboard.  I think you know what I mean.  I think there are Christians who are not of the world but they function as normal people instead of being evangelistic to the point of annoying, smug, Bible know-it-all, judging other Christians or defensive about their beliefs because they feel everyone around them must agree with them because deep down they either don’t believe in freedom of or from religion or because they are insecure in their beliefs and can’t tolerate being questioned, which is the same reason for thinking in black and white.  My best friend often says “you might not like it but that is what GOD SAYS!”   I laugh to myself because she knows The Bible much better than I do but I see several interpretations to things she knows mean one specific thing.  She might be right but I think God speaks to people differently.  

I am waiting for the day when a literalist Christian is told they should wrestle with a problem till God gives them the answer.  They grab their spouse and wrestle till God give them a baby and they name him Jesus (they are Spanish).  They obeyed and were rewarded.  In other words I think we listen to God the best we can, move in a direction and look for confirmation it was the right choice, that we heard Him correctly.  

Earlier I said a Christian moved to “Heaven.”  My Heaven has lots of dogs and you don’t have to pick up after them.  All the women are beautiful..wait, no bodies?  I guess I mean inside.  I would like to point out I would no longer be a natural or sinful person unless u can lust after a spirit.  So if the guy in our story did move to his own Heaven, and it wasn’t my Heaven, I suppose u could extrapolate that one man’s Heaven is another man’s fundamentalist area.