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Unlike black/white fundamentalists, we tend to think in grays...thus the center of the logo is gray. This gray circle is where we are alike: belief in Christ, non-literal interpretation of The Bible, honest less than perfect (or human) faith feelings and thoughts and our traditions of rational openminded thinking and approach to God.
If we emphasize this gray area of commonalities, we can really bond and accept denominational differences without letting them alienate us from eachother.

Lets unite online and offline, share and grow. Liberal Christians welcome new ideas, possibilities, ways of thinking and learning how God reaches others. That is YOU and ME!We are the same person.
Through comments, emails and ideas and submissions for the site, we no longer have to feel isolated. You look in the mirror and all of us look back. We can unite as fundamentalists have and do, taking our faith and faith community seriously as we grow as friends and religiously liberal Christians.
Your Religiously Liberal Christian Home

Your Religiously Liberal Christian Home

Variety in Christianity

When a Christian moves, you sometimes hear the cliche that their new place is Heaven.  Then, of course, you call people and tell them the person had died.  When you discover they are still alive, and call these people back (some are disappointed), you cheer them up by telling them the guy who moved, discovered the location of Heaven!

So you ask someone where he moved to.  You are told he moved to a fundamentalist area.  You think..outloud so I can use quotes, “this guy must be taking God more seriously.”  Someone hears you say that and tells you that you have a misconception that only fundamentalist churches and people take God seriously.  

We take God seriously, but it differs with the person (I believe).  I continue to search for a liberal Christian church or denomination that walks the find line between serious about growing and being more as God wants us to be, yet is not ultra conservative or overboard.  I think you know what I mean.  I think there are Christians who are not of the world but they function as normal people instead of being evangelistic to the point of annoying, smug, Bible know-it-all, judging other Christians or defensive about their beliefs because they feel everyone around them must agree with them because deep down they either don’t believe in freedom of or from religion or because they are insecure in their beliefs and can’t tolerate being questioned, which is the same reason for thinking in black and white.  My best friend often says “you might not like it but that is what GOD SAYS!”   I laugh to myself because she knows The Bible much better than I do but I see several interpretations to things she knows mean one specific thing.  She might be right but I think God speaks to people differently.  

I am waiting for the day when a literalist Christian is told they should wrestle with a problem till God gives them the answer.  They grab their spouse and wrestle till God give them a baby and they name him Jesus (they are Spanish).  They obeyed and were rewarded.  In other words I think we listen to God the best we can, move in a direction and look for confirmation it was the right choice, that we heard Him correctly.  

Earlier I said a Christian moved to “Heaven.”  My Heaven has lots of dogs and you don’t have to pick up after them.  All the women are beautiful..wait, no bodies?  I guess I mean inside.  I would like to point out I would no longer be a natural or sinful person unless u can lust after a spirit.  So if the guy in our story did move to his own Heaven, and it wasn’t my Heaven, I suppose u could extrapolate that one man’s Heaven is another man’s fundamentalist area. 


R U also dealing with laziness?

R U lazy with praying and reading The Bible?  Join the club.  I want to do what we are “suppose to do” and b a goodie goodie to be the person God meant me to be, gets in the way?  no…I am in a hurry?  no…Outside of this, I am generally not lazy, but when it comes to this stuff, its like something good or bad has to happen to get me to focus on it. Obviously unless ur a drama queen, most life events are in the middle.

It probably helps to have people who are doing that stuff, cause you might be positively influenced to do it too.  I don’t even have any idea how many times I put on my list:  find church, pray regularly and read Bible.  

I consider that we are Christians, but in the way we operate, humans first.  As humans, we have enemies like laziness and things that take us off course and keep us there.  I hate fundamentalist cliches, but I guess I think about these things as they do..the “enemy” or Satan keeping us stuck.

Don’t u wonder how your life would be and the person you would be if you were self disciplined in the basics or “fundamentals” that we are suppose to be doing to keep focused thinking as The Bible instructs? 

Try it!  It probably makes a difference. Just don’t get too enthusiastic or the liberal Christian circle will disown u :)

your little comments to God

Sometimes our tt God is just saying something like “God, please don’t let it be them,”  or “God, Please don’t let them pick me,”  or “God, I am going to need help here.”  I mean these throw away hope thoughts mean alot to us at the time and are sincere, but don’t forget about them later.  If u believe, u also believe God hears you and answers u.  I am not telling u that God is going to punish you for not thanking Him, but whether or not we got what we wanted, He did hear u.  We r suppose to come to the belief that our prayers ARE answered..those were prayers or requests to God and as we say we believe, were heard and answered by God.  Remember to THANK HIM..if nothing else, for listening and doing what is in your best interest as far as your development as a Christian..being the person He wants us to be.

If you don’t thank Him, He won’t put it in your head that he is saying “where were u raised manners!” or seek revenge on you by having the most annoying person in your life call or visit u and not leave, but alot of our talk to God seem to be these little things.

The reason I thank God for these is that they are so huge to me at the time.  Honestly, if a non-believer heard the things I express appreciation to God for, they would think I was completely insane for thinking God had ANYTHING to do with these little details!!!!!  I can live with that.

Careers and Doing Good in your life

So you are sitting there thinking..what am I doing with my life?  I feel like such a waste! You see people around you who either nag you or depress you cuz they seem to know what they want to do and (of course) what you should do.  

You think that you are okay at some stuff but its not even stuff that people would pay you to do.  You think feel like you are just going through motions and don’t even know why.  

By now women are feeling its good at least someone gets me, or understands a little bit.  The guys are going to be swearing at me because they don’t give a crap about understanding..they are saying “so if u r not going to help us, why even bring it up u jerk?”

I believe I am pointing out one of those things in life that sucks.  Us religious people wait for and maybe miss answers from God as to what direction to take.  Even without the religious slant, it is SO frustrating to figure out what to do..beyond something you fall into cause u have to survive or are suppose to get a job.  

I can speak to the fact that as we age, it gets worse, with people not wanting to hire older people and u look back and wonder if the stuff u did do for a job has ANY value to God or if u wasted your life.  The answer or coping mechanism I use is that maybe the job is not the emphasis with God.  Maybe its the people u influenced or somehow had some unknown positive effect on…I don’t know.  To some extent we end up settling for our most comfortable rationalization.

So if u feel u wasted your life or continue to sleepwalk through life, you will meet other zombies along the way (hi!).  If u feel you have helped absolutely no one and done nothing important at all, well, I submit that that hope that there is more than meets the eye, or picking out little or seemingly insignificant encounters or conversations with people from your workplaces might be your best bet to silence that voice we fear is truth.

LOL..we never want to silence truth on this blog!  I want to address it, question it and deal with it if possible.  The truth is that for religious people, we don’t always know the answers 100%.  That is extremely uncomfortable but we have hope and belief that if we follow God the best we can (prayer, learning and trying to be more Christlike),  God will either tell us we have done some earthly good, direct us on how to do good in His timing, or clarify how to view this career quandary through His eyes and not through the eyes of the world.  

For purists, its a bit easier.  Firefighters, social workers, psychologists, doctors, nurses, and helping professions might provide a clear conscious u have done something.  Police officers wear white hats for many people.  Maybe the understanding that we can’t all have the same gifts, and every role is needed might be another way to see it.    

Or u might be okay thinking you are great at something like acting and so on, but (in my humble opinion) we enter the world of the ego and false values when the world applauds u to the extreme that we seem to create false gods and values in Hollywood.

I bet many people die wondering if they even did any good.  That is why I thank and show appreciation to others in lower positions who might not get it that much (hope u do too).  Anyway, I wish u luck if this career thing is an issue for you, and welcome any thoughts u have because its one of mine as well.

Oh, pls don’t write a smaltzy thing like “I try to make people’s world a little brighter every day.”  This blog discourages overly happy churchy talk.

Be real, be politically incorrect if u must get your point across that way, be vulgar if need be..but please don’t be fake or revolting. 

Is there a meaning in little things in your life?

The lights went out at 3am recently.  I texted a friend and joked that I was reading The Bible at the time, and religiously speaking I wondered what this meant.  We act like fundamentalists sometimes..for some fundamentalists (not all of course), everything has a religious meaning.

She told me that its not my reading The Bible that was the point.  the point was that God knew I would get tired of reading The Bible and was about to go to the computer to look at porn sites, so He cut the electricity.

Of all the inconveniences..that night I had to just lust in my mind.  YOU do it too.  I know..yeah, but at least u don’t write about it.


Hi there, so glad to find this. I’m on Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented on Facebook too. I was just wondering if anyone here is also Catholic by denomination, because I am trying to figure out where exactly I belong in the spectrum of ‘Christian’, whilst at the same time I guess I could also be labelled a Pluralist, Unitarian, or other similar titles. I have until recently been part of a movement in the Catholic church, but have started on a new path because God is calling me away for now, at least. It is a huge struggle to discern where to walk, however, because there are plenty of people, including my family, telling me that it was certainly the Devil that has called me away from the community- and that my life is certainly going to be shit without it! Need people to talk to. Any people with theology higher ed, pastors, or priests etc., I would love to talk to, or anyone with similar experiences :)

Forgive if it kills u to do it

When you have someone to forgive (or when I do), my ego is involved.  It is that part of me that still wants to swear at the person or get revenge.  I noticed the reason for this is I somehow feel less than that other person, shamed/humiliated or maybe my esteem has been effected by what the person did or said.  The other part of the ego (I have read) is how you think you look in the eyes of other people.  When I want revenge, I sometimes feel I have been lowered a notch, put into a category or labeled myself in a way that I, or others whose opinions I value would find unacceptable.  

My new understanding, from The Bible, is that I can’t serve 2 masters.  In plain English, while we all have a foot in this world (if we are “normal”) and the other foot in God’s world, or awareness of what our belief system is which is often different than what the devil on our other shoulder is telling us, then my job is to choose to interpret the situation how God would.  We need to choose to value what God says about us over any other pressures that make us want to get some jerk back to teach him something or to feel better.

I will admit, there is friction sometimes when we stand up for ourselves since there are predators and jerks out there (or call it sin if u want).  It helps me, but not as much as it seems to help alot of others, to know people have pressures and stress. and therefore their actions are understandable and forgivable.  That is true but for me, what seems to work the best is Grace.  I mean just like us being forgiven by God without deserving or earning it, I need to in turn, forget if these asses deserve my forgiveness and do it anyway..even if it kills me and feels totally unfair and like they owe me, lol.  It is not natural which is why u suggest asking for God’s supernatural help.

You are right and the jerk is wrong.  You want to find a way to forgive because it is the right thing to do, helps u, and u believe in doing it.  My advice (from experience, not from any expertise), is that you don’t have to like the person, and at first, it might be unnatural and you might just be telling God u forgive them while counting on His help, because you can’t seem to do it.  I think God would love to hear from you and reward your repeated prayers and belief that He will eventually (I don’t know why it takes so frikin long) help you to forgive the person.  But unless you intend to kill the person, why not talk with that person and heal the situation before they die or before all this crap in you kills you from the inside.

Yes, there are times that bullies only understand violence, or they won’t stop.  I am not expert here and hope I never have to go through that.  However, where there is no choice there is no they say.  I would have to ask God or you guys for advice in dealing with that one.

Christian Role Models and God’s Will

I was looking up the phrase “Christian male role model,” and didn’t find much.  I did find someone who asked an interesting question.  They asked “are  there any MASCULINE Christian men who attend church?”  I understand why the question was asked, based on guys I have met in churches.  I do question the importance of the question because a person who follows Christ is what a role model is..I mean masculine is nice and all but if the goal is to be a Christian male role model, and u believe as I do that you are born into your gender preference, then the masculine part, while understandable from the worldly view, misses the point.

I started thinking maybe I couldn’t find much on Christian male role models because there are many but no one is writing books on them?  Maybe its something we should all aspire to as a goal?

When I thought that about myself, being one, I laughed (still am), BUT if we try, we will probably get closer than if its not in our awareness to become the people God intended and not allow our worldly side to set goals, values or control our behavior.

I think one of the most difficult things is to see things as God would and not as we would normally see them without analyzing how we are viewing things.  Second guessing might make us nuts, but as far as I know if we let ourselves operate unchecked by not reading The Bible or asking ourselves is this behavior in God’s will, we will fall short of the person we were intended to become.  Also, if we didn’t do what a Christian is supposed to do pray, believing our prayer was answered or excuse a non-answer by saying its not in God’s will (gray area there), and other things we read about, it is more difficult for us to become “mature in Christ,” or in English, have our automatic reactions and perceptions line up with God, as we understand Him or as He has shown himself to be in the Bible and in our individual lives.

BTW, God’s will seems subjective, a guess (to me), but I believe in the Holy Spirit, which I can’t prove, and contrary to logic most likely, take some stock in whether something sits right with me. I call that The Holy Spirit convicting me or not (telling me if something is in line with God or not).  Fundamentalists I have met have indicated feelings are a bad guide, but I think they are part of our God-given humanness.  

a bit depressing

hey, if u go through life feeling miscast, unappreciated and wondering what God’s plan is for your life, join the club.

So far all I can figure out is I help a lady who has the start of dementia and that is driving me nuts at times, and I am good to a Golden Retriever and have a friend.  I have a job in which feel disrespected (retail).

That is just to say you are not alone.  It’s confusing.  I bet you wished you were good at some “helping” thing because that is more clear to see that if u r a doctor, therapist or social worker or teacher even, that you are helping someone.  If not, well, u wonder what is going on with you (I do anyway).  Its is leftover purist ways of thinking from my fundamentalist days I suppose.

For what its worth..hang in there.  God will make it clear one of these decades.  Pray for patience and eyes to see what He sees till then.  Maybe u r doing what He wants u to do and you are not even aware of what you are doing.  

LOL Who knows, maybe as u go about your mundane life, ur presence is important so much so that you overlook it and don’t get it.  Its possible we are not all meant to do some heroic thing.

Wouldn’t others need people to take up space so they could feel they are doing more with THEIR lives?  We are helping people feel good about themselves!!  Way to GO!!