Liberal Christians Connecting


Unlike black/white fundamentalists, we tend to think in grays...thus the center of the logo is gray. This gray circle is where we are alike: belief in Christ, non-literal interpretation of The Bible, honest less than perfect (or human) faith feelings and thoughts and our traditions of rational openminded thinking and approach to God.
If we emphasize this gray area of commonalities, we can really bond and accept denominational differences without letting them alienate us from eachother.

Lets unite online and offline, share and grow. Liberal Christians welcome new ideas, possibilities, ways of thinking and learning how God reaches others. That is YOU and ME!We are the same person.
Through comments, emails and ideas and submissions for the site, we no longer have to feel isolated. You look in the mirror and all of us look back. We can unite as fundamentalists have and do, taking our faith and faith community seriously as we grow as friends and religiously liberal Christians.

Ask me anything pertaining to me or blog